Property Approvals Required in Bangalore

While purchasing a property in Bangalore you may require marking various records, bombing which one can land into lawful difficulty. Bangalore property endorsements are essential for any individual searching for putting resources into a land or a house or even a condo to check the land, declaration, and different endorsements. One may get nothing toward the end disregarding having burned through millions, absolutely on account of the indistinct titles and nonappearance of imperative endorsements. Such alarming circumstances can without a doubt be avoided in the event that you have clear information about what vital records you should ask from the vendor and thusly, have in your guardianship. An owner of a property is rendered substantial not just by involving the spot or living in it, yet additionally by having these authoritative records that you should have with you as a reasonable champion. In this way, what are the Bangalore property endorsements you requirement for purchasing a property in Bangalore, we should discover.

Site approval

Site approval or building endorsement plan requires the land proprietor to get his property site affirmed by the position managing the property improvement matters of the region where it is found. For instance, Bangalore has number of administrative bodies, for example,

  • BBMP – Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike.
  • BDA – Bangalore Development Authority.
  • BMRDA – Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority, and
  • BIAPPA – Bangalore International Airport Area Planning Authority

The structure site ought to be affirmed by any of these properties relying on the area; else you may fall trap to lawful problems. You should have these reports to traverse BDA plan endorsement process Bangalore:

  • Property Assessment Extract,
  • Title Deed,
  • Property PID Number,
  • City Survey Sketch you can get it from The Department Of Survey And Settlement And Land Records,
  • Tax Paid Receipt
  • Prior Sanctioned Plans (If Any),
  • Property Sketches,
  • 2 Demand Draft Copies,
  • Establishment Certificate (If Any) And
  • Land Use Certificate gave by the assigned position, (for example, Dy. Official).

To realize what BDA approved site is, one may discover the data from property gateways and concerned branches of the State that have a total record of the endorsement methodology.


A Sale deed is an authoritative archive that unmistakably diagrams the exchange of property from the merchant to the purchaser. Prior to executing the deal deed, the purchaser must find out the away from the vendor else the agreement stands void. Likewise, regardless of whether encumbrance authentication is gotten or not ought to be checked by the purchaser before acquiring the deal deed activity. In the event that there are any terms or conditions to be followed, these ought to be referenced plainly in a business understanding, after which the deal deed comes vigorously.

Commencement certificate  (for the structures under development)

Commencement certificate is a symbolic endorsement allowed by the specialists to utilize the site for development. The entire foundation may get boycotted and the proprietors may confront removal just as punishment on the off chance that they start development on the site without getting approval. This testament is given when the nearby bodies like BBMP, BDA authorities review the place and find out that the site is ok for development and doesn’t present danger to the well-creatures of the occupants just as environmental factors.

Conversion certificate

Urban communities are being extended to account for the developing populace. Agriculturists think that it’s hard to continue their occupation because of sick practices and are enticed to sell out their properties to the developers who convert them into local locations. This transformation from agricultural land to non-farming requires the endorsement from the income authority. The income authority, at that point, demands the DTCP division to give NOC for the transformation. Just those terrains that have bombed the proprietor in conveying benefit making yields should meet all requirements for transformation.

Step by step instructions to get transformation declaration

The proprietor is required to outfit following reports for getting this testament:

Map of Village

Land sketch

Duplicates of the R.T.C separates,

No levy Certificate from the Village accountant (no dues)

Title deed

Change records duplicate

Certified copy received from the Land Tribunal

Zonal declaration or certificate

Mother Deed

A chain of proprietorships introduced as a record is required to set up the straightforwardness in deals bargain. The cases of the move of property are followed back to the first proprietor in this report. Mother Deed tells the purchaser how the dealer got the property for example regardless of whether the property is a consequence of parcel, legacy, a blessing, and so on is learned through this archive. There ought not to be any missing connections in the chain and if present, the missing data can be recovered from the administrative workplaces.

Encumbrance Certificate

This is a record of exchanges or enlistments, for example, contract, deal/buy, and so on made on the property during the period for which Encumbrance Certificate is looked for. This endorsement comes into picture when an individual expects to purchase a property held as security for home advance/contract. In any case, this testament doesn’t give a total picture as it doesn’t consider the unregistered exchanges, wills, or home loans that occurred during the predefined period. Generally, it is prudent to request the EC for a long time, however, it ought to go with other auxiliary archives to find out the past possession chain obviously.

Completion certificate and occupancy certificate

A Completion certificate is given by the developer and affirms that the structure is built precisely according to the endorsed plans. It likewise involves data about the consistency of the plans as far as the building’s tallness and good ways from the street. This endorsement makes it simpler for the purchaser to apply for advance.

Another testament gave by the builder is called occupancy certificate and it tells the purchaser that the structure or house is prepared for inhabitance. It is required for bringing home advance, for move of khaata and for purchasing a property that says ‘prepared to move-in’. When this endorsement is given, the developer pronounces that the development is finished according to the understanding and that there is no inconsistency.

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